Message from the President




It continues to be an honour to be President of the EAASP as it is a thriving forward leaning organisation. As we entered upon this new period under my leadership as President, we said we would build upon our successes whilst taking a fresh look at our Business Model, Communication Strategy, Roles and Responsibilities, developing a new business agenda with clear lines of responsibility and accountability. We have been consulting our business and academic partners to make sure our work, systems and processes remain fit to meet demands of this modern era. (C/R)


Richard Putman (Vice President Maritime) with his team are currently reviewing and streamlining the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Group members so that they all have responsibilities proportionate to their role. This builds upon our new operating model allowing for delegated authority and fast time decision making on behalf of our members.


Rob Atkin (Vice President Aviation) has been in communication with INTERPOL colleagues as we plan for the EAASP Conference 2018 which will be held in Lyon France.  We are working on an exciting agenda that will help operational officers tackle the challenging risk environment at ports and borders.


We have been working in collaboration with the INTERPORT Police, AIRPOL and The World Border Security Congress to help each other find the most effective security solutions for our members.


Rob Atkin, on behalf of the EAASP is also assisting both the INTERPORT Police and AIRPOL by hosting an Aviation Police Experts Workshop at Heathrow. This is bringing Airport Commanders from across America and Europe to London to share good practice and develop effective working practices. There will be approximately 30 senior Airport Commanders from the largest airports in the western world working together to effectively develop their protective security operations.


The work of the Aviation and Maritime Teams continues at pace. They have reviewed their working objectives and posted these on the Aviation and Maritime sections of this web site.


Dr Richard Chisnall provides an expert eye as we monitor numerous applications for EU funding in relation to ports and border security. Where appropriate we show expressions of interest when the work will be of significant benefit to our members.


James Douglass



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